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At CeltheQ, sustainability is at the heart of our values. As an expert in the installation of standard and high elasticity stretch sleeves, we are committed to respecting a series of actions whose aim is to significantly reduce the environmental impact. And it is thanks to this revolutionary technology that we are able to meet major challenges in a particular economic environment.

As part of this environmental awareness, several concrete actions have been implemented. The first being the implementation of a reduced energy balance (consumables, water and electricity) for the use of the stretchable sleeve since it does not involve heat, but also the use of recyclable materials, the installation without glue , through the reduction of the carbon footprint today three times lower than that of PET (up to 4 times less than heat-shrinkable sleeves).

Why choose stretch sleeves?

If you thought that packaging and respect for the environment did not go hand in hand, think again! CeltheQ will be happy to show you the opposite with stretch sleeves! Indeed, this technology, which has existed for more than thirty years, has many advantages in terms of personalized printing techniques, while combining the ecological aspect.

The stretchable PE sleeve can deform up to 30% for the same printing quality, which allows it to cover 360 degrees of the product while offering a so-called "partial" decoration on the shoulders of the product.

Practical Advantages

Decorative limitations are compensated for by numerous advantages including:
  • Sleeving of fragile, heat-sensitive products
  • Less energy consumption in terms of consumables, water and electricity
  • Materials that are easy to detach and recycle (PET)
  • Cold, clueless application
  • Use of the Accu-shaped™ technique
  • Uniform use of decoration and product grouping
  • Flexibility in product shape and volume variations
  • No in-line shrinkage or heat release required, making it compatible with fresh produce
  • Applicable on empty containers: no need for mechanical stress on the walls when shrinking
We should also mention:
  • High temperature resistance from -40C to +40C
  • Compatibility with ATEX environments
  • Light and minimal carbon footprint
  • Transparency and brightness offering a lovely spectrum of vivid colours
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Energy savingsXX
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Does RSE stretch sleeve technology interest you?

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Why choose thermal shrink sleeve applicators?

Do you need to stand out in big-box stores? You might just find your happy place with thermal shrink sleeves. Unlike conventional labels, this type of sleeve will help you explore your true potential in commercializing your products.

Optimizing your visibility

First, this technology offers several visibility advantages, since it entirely covers the product under the effect of the heat, from top to bottom, allowing it to adapt perfectly to all different shapes available with a powerful impact. Once heated, the plastic film that it is made of, shrinks in width, and adheres tightly to the shape of the product.

How does it work?

Because of an additional tunnel installed on the application machine, this sleeve can perform three main functions for your product: tamper evident, decoration, grouping. Also, the different materials used (PET, OPS, PLA & PVC) are printed with Rotogravure, Flexo, Offset or digital in order to meet all your expectations and working conditions.

Practical Advantages

  • Grouping products by two or more and total product coverage
  • Adaptation for complex products over all sections for a maximum of 360º
  • Reinforcement of thin-walled containers making them light and now at an optimal level of quality
  • Integration of tamper evident prevention function guaranteeing product integrity for the consumer
  • Rotogravure printing offering finer gradation, more sustained colours and superior quality
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If you are convinced about the many uses for thermal shrink sleeves, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Why choose a SKIN sleeve applicator?

Used mainly for beverages and dairy products, SKIN sleeve technology offers numerous advantages thanks to CeltheQ’s exclusive application techniques.

How does it work?

High elasticity PE sleeves can be applied to HDPE and PET bottles. They are ideal for high-volume, low-cost products often found in the dairy and beverage markets. We deploy numerous proprietary technologies based on your product design and production speeds.

Practical Advantages

  • All our systems are essentially mechanical
  • Reliability and resistance
  • Very low maintenance costs
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No matter the type of sleeve applicator you choose, our team will be there to guide you according to your needs and what best suits your company’s industry.

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