Sleeving technology machine

If you need special labels for a specific product identification such as marketing promotions, discount stickers, additional languages or batch identification, CeltheQ offers custom packaging technology that allows you to group products by adding the sample of your choice. Several combinations are possible depending on your specific needs.

CeltheQ is enlarging its range of services to serve you better:

  • Sleeving
  • Grouping
  • Anti-Tamper Evident

Why we are offering these new services

Over the years, CeltheQ has developed unique expertise in assisting customers through all stages of new product launches: 

  • Selecting the most suitable sleeves (size, thickness, quality, stretch vs. shrink)
  • Developing specific tools to achieve the best possible results (application speed, container material, size and shape)
  • Prototyping
  • Start-up and manufacturing

Evolving customer context, a need for agility, requests for small series and fast production times all while limiting the financial risks associated with investment mean:

  • No equipment investments
  • Access to unique expertise offering best business practices
  • Short lead times thanks to application automation
Example of packaging on a table at the CeltheQ factory

Services offered


  • Types of sleeves: Shrink, standard stretch and high-elasticity
  • Types of projects: Prototyping, short and medium runs

We will help you choose the best sleeve and ensure installation with rapid production times.


  • Types of sleeves: Shrink and stretch
  • Types of projects: Prototyping, short and medium runs
  • Ideal for promotional activities and to serve your cash & carry customers

Anti-Tamper Evident

  • Types of Sleeves: Shrink
  • Types of projects: Prototyping, short and medium runs
  • A real challenge to guarantee product and consumer safety
If you would like to test the market, launch a new product or carry out a promotional campaign, contact us!
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