Two machinists operate the sleeve applicators

Would you like to discover how our sleeve application technology can help your products stand out from the competition, avoid unfortunate surprises, and see a great return on investment?

Thanks to our 30 years of experience in the industry, our team of experts will be happy to respond to your specific needs in terms of quality and flexibility but also in profitability and sustainable development.

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Feasibility study

Our sales team submits the project to the research desk team who then studies the feasibility of your project and proposes solutions adapted to your needs.

Technical tests

Once you have chosen your applicator, a series of tests and model development begins. The goal is to evaluate and ensure conformity to required standards.

Project management

Next comes the selection of suppliers for your sleeves and an audit that allows us to develop a custom model to meet your expectations.

Installation and technical testing

This is the final step prior to launching production and it is crucial because it represents the last phase of assembly and tests with the technician who will then proceed to give technical and theoretical training to operators on how to use the equipment and also its maintenance.

How does CeltheQ guide you in production process optimization?

You notice a drop in production line efficiency? Whatever your needs, CeltheQ is committed to solving the issue by calling on its team of experts who can come to your plant and provide a complete diagnosis. Whatever the incident cause, technical or software, our team is committed to solving your problem in the best conditions and in a timely manner.

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CeltheQ sleeve applicator production line