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Maintenance, repairs and optimization

Whether for replacing parts or repairing a breakdown, CeltheQ is committed to offering service as quickly as possible.

Technical questions

Our technical engineers offer 24/7 telephone assistance in order to respond to all your emergencies.


When breakdowns occur, our technicians will come to your site to ensure the resolution of the technical problem.

Label efficiency analysis

If you notice that equipment is running more slowly or the speed no longer meets your requirements, our engineers will carry out a complete analysis and make the appropriate recommendations.

Installation and configuration

Whether for installation, start-up, setting equipment into place or production supervision, our technicians are present and will guide you throughout the process.

Technical training

CeltheQ allows you to train your staff thanks to its team of experienced engineers.

Replacement parts

In order to face all possible technical failures, we keep spare and exclusive parts in inventory and we can ship quickly. Once the technical form has been duly completed, we will get back to you quickly with cost, availability and delivery delays.

Talk to our technicians

We are committed to solving technical problems as quickly as possible, our technical teams are available 24/7.

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Join our technical team

We are committed to solving problems as soon as possible. Our technical teams are on call 24 hours a day

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