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Produced from polyethylene (PE), stretch sleeves labels are inexpensive and are one of the easiest label to recycle.  
Differences and advantages vs other stretch sleeve applicator manufaturers


  • All of our systems are basically mechanical

  • More reliable

  • Very low maintenance costs

  • No need to constantly change air cylinders



Always matching your container shape:

Round, Square, Rectangular, Triangle, Octogonal and Asymetrical

• 4 stretchers

• 2 x 2 stretchers

Widest range of container sizes


200 ml to 10 liters or 5 to 30 liters

Widest Range of speeds


From 15 to 800 cpm

Latest Electronics



Allen-Bradley PLC, HMI and Servos



We deploy our many exclusive technologies according to your container design and line speeds. Accu-Shaped™ application head followed by either 4 stretchers or 2 wide-grip stretcher. The result is a high-efficient line, and a beautifully decorated container.


Stretch sleeves can be applied on plastic, metal, cardboard, glass or directly on your product.

They are ideal for low-cost products practically for any industry.


Stretch sleeve applicator on gallon bleach bottle - 50 cpm
Example of standard stretch sleeves applied by PDC Europe equipment
Tidy cats Purina
cans grouping stretch sleeve label Celtheq
Somefor paint gallon stretch sleeve label Celtheq
MGD 3 Pack grouping stretch sleeve label Celtheq
standard stretch sleeve label Celtheq
Skin evolution stretch sleeve Celtheq
Air wick grouping strech sleeve
Sheetrock stretch sleeve label Celtheq
Propane Tank High-Res(2)
Skin evolution special stretch sleeving Celtheq
Shweppes grouping 2 bottles stretch sleeve label Celtheq
promotional grouping stretch sleeve label Celtheq
Proctor and Gamble Lenor exagonal stretch sleeve label Celtheq
Orangina grouping stretch sleeve label Celtheq
Milk plastic bottles stretch sleeve label Celtheq
Mechanic soap bottle stretch sleeve label Celtheq
bottle strech sleeve label Celtheq
Bayer stretch sleeve label Celtheq
STA Series
Linear System
Speeds up to 60 cpm
STG Series
Linear System
Speeds up to 180 cpm
HC Series
Rotary System
Speeds up to 800 cpm
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