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for shrink and stretch sleeve
  • Highest speed stretch sleeving in a linear platform

  • Unique Accu-Shaped™ application head, always matching your container shape

  • Versatility:  able to handle the widest range of sizes in the industry

  • Super fast size change over (less than 15 minutes)


  • Linear System

  • Angled Head: Continuous application

  • Unique Design: One mandrel with 2 pairs of stretchers to guarantee perfect sleeve placement

  • Allen Bradley Platform


  • Container size:     200ml to 2.5 gallon

  • Speed:                     up to 180 CPM                            


N.B. CPM = Container Per Minute

Stretch sleeving (Cat Litter)

@ 90 CPM on a STG-2BM

Twinpack stretch sleeving (Household) @ 120 CPM on a STG-2RB 

Stretch sleeving (Chemicals) @ 50 CPM on a STG-1 

with cold glue applicator

Examples of applications 
on STG series Equipment

Celtheq is proud to be the exclusive provider of PDC-Europe's high quality machines for the Americas markets

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