With wrap-around messaging and high shelf impact, shrink sleeve labels provide colorful coverage that conforms to the shape of your container making products stand out on the shelf.
Difference and advantages of our shrink sleeving technologies vs our competitors
Push, Pull or Shooting

We are the only company with multiple ways to apply a sleeve.

Always customizing our equipment to your specific needs

Accu-Shaped™ Application Heads


Better Placement

Lower cost  sleeves (shorter LFW)



Last months

No wavy-cuts

No pieces of sleeves coming out of your product 

Container Orientation


Our HCL-series is uniquely designed to maintain container orientation, as well sleeve orientation,

even at high speeds 



Even on large containers


  • Unique Accu-Shaped™ application head, always matching your container shape for a perfect sleeve placement

  • Able to apply thin gauge material

  • Able to maintain container orientation, and sleeve orientation, even at very high speeds

  • Push, pull and shooting the sleeves. We always match our best technology to your product application needs

  • Our equipment can handle plastic, glass, metal bottles and containers.

  • Speeds up to 800 cpm (even on large containers)

  • Size range from eye drops to 10 liter (2.5 gallons) containers


Example of shrink sleeves applied by PDC Europe Equipment
Shrink Sleeving on Juice Bottle
Linear System
Speeds up to 500 cpm
* not available in the US
Linear System
Speeds up to 500 cpm
* not available in the US
HCL Series
Linear System
Speeds up to 600 cpm
STA Series
Linear System
Speeds up to 60 cpm
STG Series
Linear System
Speeds up to 180 cpm
HC Series
Rotary System
Speeds up to 800 cpm

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